San Antonio Fundraisers with Hawaii’s Coolth

Are you part of an organization looking to throw a fundraiser?
Hawaii’s Coolth has four great ways to raise money for organizations in our local community.

In-Store Fundraiser

Hawaii’s Coolth is an enthusiastic supporter of San Antonio schools, youth sports, and our neighboring community. We offer to host your fundraiser and make it worth your while by giving you $1 for every item purchased by members of your organization. As a bottom line, about 30% of sales is returned to you.

Out-of-Store Fundraiser

Hawaii’s Coolth works with many of the organizations around the San Antonio area to provide fun and safe fundraising events. Whatever the cause is, we will offer to travel out to any event that our community is hosting with our portable shaved ice stand. We promise to make inviting us worth your while by giving the hosts 50% of our event profit!

Email us or call (210) 688-9881 to set up your fundraiser today!